30.3. Visit of preschoolers at Curie Primary school
Preschoolers and Jindra will go to school again to continue adapting to the school environment, teaching and attendance. Attention, we leave the kindergarten at 8.55 a.m. at the latest, the school bell does not wait!

27.3. – 6. 4. Easter project
We would like to follow up on our Easter week project last year and continue introducing children to Czech and foreign Easter traditions. We will bring the children closer to the customs of Easter and also introduce them to the meaning of the Easter holiday in the Christian tradition.

5.4. Easter is just around the corner
The Easter holidays are a time to celebrate the rebirth of nature, the Jewish Passover and the most important Christian holiday. In the tutorial, we will present death as a symbol of winter in the form of the Slavic Morana. We will recognize the symbol of the Passover lamb in the story of the escape of the Jewish people from Egypt and the life of Jesus Christ. In the practical part of the program, according to the agreement, we will make lambs from dough or knit simple pom-poms. The program of the Ampi association starts in the kindergarten at 10:00 a.m., price 70,-/child.

7.4.- 10.4. Easters´holidays
The school is closed due to a public holiday. We wish everyone a happy Easter!
13.4. Bee kingdom
As part of the learning program of the Forests of the Capital City of Prague, Mája the bee invites children to a glass beehive with live bees. She will tell us how bees communicate with each other, where honey is taken and how bee babies are fed. The program will take place from 10:00 a.m. in the school garden or in the Ladronka park (will be specified). Preliminary entrance fee CZK 60/child.

17.4. Reports on child development
Regular reports on the development of your children will be ready for you in the kindergarten administration system.

19.4. Visit to the Minizoo Station of naturalists
The minizoo in Smíchov is home to kangaroos, ponies, llamas, parrots, but also exotic crocodiles, monitor lizards or monkeys, which have taken up residence in a tropical terrarium. The breeding of Nile crocodiles is unique, but visitors can also look forward to seeing huge anacondas or caiman turtles. In the Rodent Club, children can find guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas that they can pet. The area also includes an alpine garden or a children’s playground. So let’s see what we can see during our visit. The trip is intended only for the Bumblebees class, departure from the kindergarten at 9:00 a.m., entrance fee CZK 20/child.

16.5. Professionally focused thematic meeting with parents
As we already announced in the introduction, we cordially invite you to a professionally focused meeting with speech therapist and special pedagogue Mrs. Lucie Macková, which we have prepared for you on Tuesday, May 16 from 5:00 p.m. in the kindergarten. We will not only deal with the issue of children with a different mother tongue, but it is also an introduction to basic speech therapy for all parents. Of course, space will also be given to your questions and topics that interest you. The entire meeting will be held in Czech and English.