31.1. Reports on children’s development
Regular reports on the development of your children will be again sent individually via Twigsee app. At the same time you will receive written evaluation of children for the first half of the school year.

1.2. Ice-skating on Vypich
Children from the Bumblebees class will once again learn the basics of skating under the guidance of coaches from the SportAcademy. We hope that the children will enjoy skating like last time. Skates and helmets can be rented for a fee directly at the rink or you can bring your own. The price for the trainers and the rental fee remains the same as for the last lesson.

15.2. City builder
What we will find in the city: fire stations/ schools/ hospitals and others…. together we will build important public buildings, the city and around the roads, in the role of a cartographer we will create a map of the city. A lecturer from the Small Technical University will visit our class with a box full of building blocks and a special set of elements and drawings. He will work with children with the support of children’s technical drawings and kits. The children are playing, but we know that they are working and learning new things. The culmination of the lesson is free play with the resulting work as a reward for the work. The program for children from 3 years old will start in the kindergarten at 10:00 a.m. The preliminary price is CZK 80/child, it will be specified before the beginning.

19.2. Little Buddha Stories
“Every action we take, every word we say and even everything we think has a consequence”
A little girl, Little Buddha, sets out on an adventure where she meets both human and animal beings, and each of them needs help. It will show a rich person what it’s like to be poor and how important it is to help each other. He teaches his new classmate at school the importance of being compassionate to others, and the envious buffalo realizes that it is much better to take life with humor.
A musical-puppet show with a social dimension discusses the essence of life. The theater will take place in the kindergarten for both classes from 10:00 a.m., preliminary price CZK 200/child.

20.2. Online meeting with parents
From 5:00 pm there will be an online meeting between Jindra and parents, who are interested. The meeting will concern the children’s afternoon rest in the kindergarten. A link to join will be sent to parents via the Twigsee app.

28.2. Carnival in kindergarten
Wild flock of masks, competitions of teams and individuals, fashion show and other attractions – again we will enjoy all the carnival fun. Our teachers will lead a varied program for children with competitions and entertainment. Don’t forget to give your kid a costume!